Here’s why you should listen to me

Well, maybe you shouldn’t. At least not exclusively. There is not a one-size-fits all way to stay healthy. You have to takes bits and pieces of what works for you and make it into your own healthy lifestyle. I just hope that you will find some of those bits and pieces here!

A great example of this is my group of friends. We are all different ages and even though we are all different types of lawyers, we all have demanding jobs, community activities, social lives and families. All of us fit that healthy lifestyle as well but nothing we do is the same. I prefer home workouts, mixing lifting weights and cardio, following various Beachbody programs. One friend does CrossFit. Another runs and a truly bad ass one does Spartan Races and Ninja Gym training.

One thing we do all have in common is that we understand there is more to a healthy lifestyle than eating nutritiously and exercising. We know that spending time with each other, our other friends, our family and our larger groups of acquaintances and colleagues is important. We all volunteer in service of our profession and to the community we live in. We practice self-care. When we went into lockdown in March and these things were curtailed, we made a point of spending time together via Zoom or FaceTime and we update each other on a group text almost daily.

When you decide to make some positive changes in your life, first write down all the positive things you have, like some in the lists above. Then figure out how to use those positives to help you make the changes you want. Let me know what you think is a positive that helps you!


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