Half Marathon Training: Week 5 Schedule & Week 4 Recap

Week 5 Schedule:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Run 3 minutes, Walk 2 minutes, 6 times with a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down
Wednesday: Crosstrain – Weights or yoga this week
Thursday: Run 3 minutes, Walk 2 minutes, 6 times with a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Crosstrain – Weights or Yoga
Sunday: Run 4 miles – Run 2 minutes, Walk 2 Minutes

Week 4 Recap:

It was so humid on Tuesday’s run, I felt like I was running through applesauce! I did it though and was able to shave a few more seconds off my pace. Wednesday’s yoga, a 30 minute practice, was nice. Thursday’s run was the first 3 minute interval but it wasn’t as hard as I though it was going to be. I did drop and break my water bottle a few minutes in though, so that was a bummer. I skipped Saturday’s yoga (I was just too tired and decided to read my book then watch a movie instead – well worth it!)

Not gonna lie, Sunday’s run was awesome and terrible all in one. I started well after 8am and it was already 90% humidity! I felt like I was creeping along and the last mile was tough. During that mile, I was really looking forward to the walking intervals and as soon as I hit 4 miles, I started walking. Some days are just gonna be like that, though! When I got home, I realized that I shaved 14 seconds off my pace from last week! I was really not expecting that! I think that goes to show that we can be mentally harder on ourselves than we really need to be.

I’m excited for all of the 3 minute intervals next week and to see if I can get below an 11 minute pace for the 4 mile run next Sunday. An update from last week’s recap: the dog was reunited with his family! I may have jury duty next week too so hopefully I will take advantage of all the waiting time and get some more non-running blog posts done!


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