Half Marathon Training: Week 5 Recap and Week 6 Schedule

Week 6 Schedule:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Run 3 minutes, Walk 2 minutes, 6 times with a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down
Wednesday: Crosstrain – Weights or yoga this week
Thursday: Run 4 minutes, Walk 2 minutes, 5 times with a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Crosstrain – Weights or Yoga
Sunday: Run 5 miles – Run 3 minutes, Walk 2 Minutes

Week 5 was definitely a week. I have been so busy at work, it would have been so easy to skip. So did I? Sort of…

I did my Tuesday and Thursday runs and even got below my 12 minute pace goal on Thursday. I did yoga for cross training on Wednesday. So where did I go wrong? I’m going to say I didn’t! For my cross training on Saturday, I wrapped it into my first solo trip to Disney so I ended up walking more than 12 miles! I stayed over by myself Saturday night and was having so much fun, decided to go to the Magic Kingdom by myself on Sunday. I ended up walking almost 8 miles that day! I think it’s great self care to spend a little time by yourself doing something that you love.

I did bring my running clothes and shoes to the hotel but I didn’t feel like running 4 miles after all of that walking. I went back and forth on whether I should do the long run on Monday or whether I should repeat the week. I finally decided just to push forward. So I am moving on to Week 6 and will be skipping Week 5’s long run. We’ll see how that goes and I will report back next week!


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