CJ Bosco

a/k/a Healthy Girl Lawyer

It was really difficult for me to find a picture to use here because most of the pictures of me are with my family or friends. I really am a social butterfly so when I switched from practicing law after 15 years to sales, it was a perfect fit for me. Unfortunately, along with a great career, sales also comes with lots of meals out and lots of happy hours, which makes staying healthy a little bit more challenging. Sitting at a desk all day, which most lawyers do, is also challenging. I try and share my wins and losses to help others achieve a healthy life too!

Why listen to me?

I’m a just a regular person. I don’t have a degree in nutrition or sports medicine, although being married to a physical therapist helps for when I hurt myself! What I have is life experience and I am happy to share what has worked and especially what hasn’t worked. I’m also not perfect, I don’t get it right every time and I sometimes eat the cake and drink the wine! I do plan things meticulously, especially meal and workout planning and I can’t live without my bullet journal. I have a 10 year old daughter who keeps us on our toes and I’m trying to set a good example for her while teaching her that feeling healthy and exercising is better than dieting. None of this is easy for anyone but let me do some of the hard work for you so you don’t have to.